Android Toast

  This article will guide you how to show android Toast i.e. a visual prompt message for users which disappears automatically after a pre-defined time.   Source Code :   Now Let us work on Project : (Refer – Configuring Existing AndroidStudioProject) Toast which you might have downloaded from above or you can follow the scripts below […]

Exploring My First Android Application

  By now you have made your first Android App, also you might have understood Android Structure and Working from previous post. Now let us Explore My First Android Application which we had made previously.   1. Starting with our file inside java folder which is called first on launching MyFirstApp. Refer the below […]

Android Open Source Project

  After purchasing Android, Google Inc. started developing it under Android Open Source Project. Where employees at Google worked in making a strong backbone of this OS in terms of User-interface, Connectivity, Security, Hardware support for Accelerometer, GPS, Camera, Proximity & several other sensors, Touch Gestures, etc. In other way of saying, they put all […]

Structure and Working of Android

  So far you might have enjoyed developing your First Android App. Now let us explore Structure and Working of Android. First let us understand how android Applications works When-ever we launch any Android  App, its AndroidManifest.xml is called. From here it checks required permissions, target OS version and explores other information like App version, […]

Developing my First Android Application

  So far we have Configured ADT Package and Created Android Virtual Device AVD. Now its time to start Developing my First Android Application.   Source Code :   Step : 1 Start Android Studio, open File > New > New Project from Menu Bar as shown in the Fig. — OR If you are starting […]

Importing Existing Project in Android Studio

Many a times you might need to use a previously created project or include libraries, for that purpose we have to  import project into Android Studio . Importing Existing Project In Android Studio Tutorial is a step-wise illustration, which you will require whenever you download source code from any of the post of NestedIF. Its very simple procedure, […]

Android AVD Shortcuts

You will be using AVD (Emulator) very frequently so as to test your Apps. Using the below android AVD shortcuts it will make your task very easy & convenient.   Short-cut Key Usage Ctrl + Backspace Back Ctrl + H Home Ctrl Multi Touch Ctrl + O Overview (Recent Apps) Ctrl + M Menu Ctrl […]

Creating new Android Virtual Device (emulator) using Android Studio

Having all kind of Physical devices like Mobile phones / Tablets for testing is obviously quite an expensive thing. Android Virtual Devices are replacement of these actual Tablets / Mobile Phones for Testing purpose. One can have all possible Devices with Latest Operating System, Screen Size & Hardware compatibility, for that you just need to […]

Android Configuring Environment Tools for Development

To start Android Development, download and install the below 2 tools depending on 32 or 64 – bit Operating Systems in your host machine: Tool Name Link to Download SDK + ADT Package Android Studio J.D.K. JDK   After downloading the above softwares we should start its Setup : Simply install the setup which you have […]

Must Read About Android

  Android, currently the most popular mobile operating system in the world, is growing rapidly due to its Superb Features + Open Source licencing + Free-Ware Operating System. Android basically runs on Dalvik Virtual Machine – DVM ( Android Interface ) loaded on Linux kernel. Talking about Android Security, since it is developed based on […]