Android Ratingbar

  For feedback & quality purpose from users, we generally use Android RatingBar in our Apps. For using Android RatingBar, we need to add it inside our XML Layout file and from file we can obtain its value when user submits feedback, this will be explained in this tutorial.   Source Code :   Now Let us […]

Android Spinner (Drop Down)

  In general Android Spinner are famous by the name Drop-down. Android Spinner provides a way to enlist multiple items and allow user to select one item out of them. Apart from normal UI Android Spinners can be customised in several ways which will also be covered in this tutorial.     Source Code :   […]

Android Radio Button

  In this tutorial you will learn about android radio button & android radio group. Android Radio Button widget provides interface to select item of your choice. You might be familiar with this, if you have worked on any of the scripting language. Android Radio Group are used to Nest Android Radio Buttons together, means radio group controls selection […]

Android CheckBox

  Android CheckBox widget provides interface to select/deselect items. This tutorial will make you familiar with android checkbox, its declaration, clickListener.   Source Code :   Now Let us work on Project : (Refer – Configuring Existing AndroidStudioProject) CheckBox which you might have downloaded from above or you can follow the scripts below by copying it to […]

Android EditText

  Android EditText widget is better known as TextBox in case of HMTL. It provides interface to collect data in form of text entered by user. By specifying property inputType we can customize android edittext as plain text, password, numeric, phone No., Address field , Date field, etc. based on requirement of data from user.   Source […]

Android ImageView

  Android ImageView widget allows us to add good looking & vivid images in your Application. Android ImageView is enriched with different configuration options to support different size & densities of screens. We simply have to create separate images inside drawable folders supporting various screens & Android System automatically selects the best image from all the available options. […]

Android Toggle Button Example

  Android Toggle Button is an interface which has 2 states i.e. for ON  &  OFF condition of our Button. Android Toggle Button is extensively used to indicate state of functionalities like ON/OFF , enable/disable , active/de-active , etc. Android Toggle Button displays checked/unchecked states as a button with a ‘light‘ indicator.   Similar to Buttons, Toggle Buttons can […]

Android Button

  Android Button is basically an interface by which we can collect user’s click events. We can form android button using Text as well as Images, we will see it soon in this tutorial.   Android Buttons can be implemented to listen user clicks in 2 ways. Creating Button’s onClick-Listener directly from java File ( Creating Button click handler method in java […]

Android TextView – 2 (Adding Properties from Java file)

  You have learned adding properties of TextView in  Android TextView – 1. In this tutorial you will learn to add all these properties from File instead of XML Layout file, to create a rich User Interface on “Run Time”.   Source Code :   Now Let us work on Project : (Refer – […]

Android TextView – 1

  Android TextView is better known as ‘Labels’ in Java. In this tutorial you will learn to use Android TextView widget to create a rich User Interface to display text contents over the screen.   Source Code :   Let’s first understand Syntax for declaring Android TextView. Refer the below fig.     Now […]