Install Android App into Emulator (AVD)


It is very handy to test Android Apps on emulator (Android Virtual Device – AVD) if you don’t have an actual device. Follow the below steps to install Android App into Emulator using command line interface.

Before proceeding, start your emulator (AVD) since it might take time to boot. To know procedure for creating AVD see this article.


Step : 1

  • Open the directory where you have your ADT Package. Locate SDK folder, inside which you will have platform-tools. Your complete path will be somewhat like “C:\adt-bundle-windows-x86\sdk\platform-tools\“. Copy your Application APK over here inside platform-tools folder. (You can get sample APK from here MyFirstApp )
Tip : To Obtain APK directly from your Project expand it. Inside `bin` folder you will find APK of your App which you can use directly in your AVD / Mobile / Tablet. Remember that this is not a signed APK so you will not be upload it to Play Store. Yet this method is proper while testing.



Step : 2

  • Open Command-Line Interface ( Command Prompt for windows, Terminal/Shell for Linux – MAC users ). Go to  “C:\ adt-bundle-windows-x86 \ sdk \ platform-tools \ ” i.e. where you just copied the APK.
  • To move back one directory type cd..  & press enter (as shown below)

Install Android App into Emulator

  • To move one directory ahead type cd FolderName   (as shown below)

Install Android App into Emulator


Step : 3

  •  From our emulator we should find its working port No. You can find it directly from its Title Bar as shown in below fig., in this case it is 5554.

Install Android App into Emulator


Step : 4

  • Now we are ready to install our App. Type adb -s emulator-portNo install ApplicationName.apk   &  press Enter. In our case – adb -s emulator-5554 install myFirstApp.apk .

Install Android App into Emulator


  • Within a minute you will see the result as success if everything goes correct. Else it will report you the failure.

Install Android App into Emulator


That’s it & you have installed your APK. Using this way you will be able to install android app into emulator, even with multiple AVD running simultaneously.


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