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Many a times you might need to use a previously created project or include libraries, for that purpose we have to  import project into eclipse . Android Import Project Into Eclipse tutorial is a step-wise illustration, which you will require whenever you download source code from any of the post of NestedIF


Step : 1

From File menu click on ‘Import’ as shown in Fig. below :

Android Import Project into Eclipse - 1



Step : 2

A Import dialog box will open, from that Expand Android, then select Existing Android Code into Workspace & proceed to Next step.

Android Import Project into Eclipse - 2



Step : 3

  1. Browse the path of the Project source code which is to be imported as shown in the fig.
  2. Select the Project from the check box shown. (Here the project name might change if you have different project name & different launcher Activity name. But don’t worry, you can rename it easily)
  3. Next you need to select the check box to copy the project inside your Workspace. And finally Finish it.

Android Import Project into Eclipse - 3


  • So now you have added your Project inside Eclipse. Press Ctrl + F11 (MAC Cmd + F11) or click on run to launch your application.




  • While Importing Project (Step -3) it is disabled for selection :

    Such problem arises when name of the project we are importing is same as that of pre-existing project in our workspace. Some times even if the project is in the workspace it will not be show inside Eclipse if it has been removed from there. So check it from your Hard Disk Drive at the path where you have your workspace.



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