Android AVD Shortcuts

You will be using AVD (Emulator) very frequently so as to test your Apps. Using the below android AVD shortcuts it will make your task very easy & convenient.


Short-cut Key Usage
Ctrl + Backspace Back
Ctrl + H Home
Ctrl Multi Touch
Ctrl + O Overview (Recent Apps)
Ctrl + M Menu
Ctrl + P Power
Ctrl +  Left navigation key Rotate AVD Left (Screen orientation)
Ctrl + Right Navigation key Rotate AVD Right (Screen Orientation)
Ctrl + S Screenshot (saved on desktop)
Ctrl + Shift + S Controller Settings
Ctrl + Shift + B Battery
Ctrl + Shift + C Cellular
Ctrl + Shift + F Fingerprint
Ctrl + Shift + L Location
Ctrl + Shift + P Phone
Ctrl + Shift + D Dial Pad
Ctrl + Z Zoom mode
Ctrl + Shift + Right Navigation Key Pan right when in zoom mode
Ctrl + Shift + Left Navigation Key Pan Left when in zoom mode
Ctrl + Shift + Down Navigation Key Pan Down when in zoom mode
Ctrl + Shift + Up Navigation Key Pan Up when in zoom mode
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