Developing my First Android Application


So far we have Configured ADT Package and Created Android Virtual Device AVD. Now its time to start
Developing my First Android Application.


Source Code :


Step : 1

  • Start Android Studio, open File > New > New Project from Menu Bar as shown in the Fig.

Developing My First Android Application - 1

— OR If you are starting from Welcome Screen of AndroidStudio Click on Start a new Android Studio Project as shown in below image. —

Developing My First Android Application - 1


Step : 2

  • An Interface will open which deals with configure a new Project for your App. Fill the details as shown in the Fig below and proceed by clicking  “Next” .

Developing My First Android Application - 2

Explanation of above Parameters :

Field Name Description
Application Name The name which appears below the Icon on installing the App or we can also say it as the name which is visible in Google play store.
Package Name Package name follows convention of “Reverse Naming from Your Website” (e.g. if our website is ‘‘ & App name = ‘myfirstApp’ then our Package Name will be com.nestedif.myfirstapp )
Project Location This will tell where do you want your source code th be placed, by default its within AndroidStudioProjects directory.



Step : 3

  • Selecting Suitable SDK targeting our customers. The lower SDK we select we can target more mobile devices, but at same time we might not be able to use few features.

Developing My First Android Application - 3

Explanation of above Parameters :

Field Name Description
Phone/Tablet Min SDK This specifies that your App will be at least compatible with Min selected API (Min. O.S. version).
Wear/TV/Glass Min SDK This comes into picture if we are going to make application supporting respective devices, else keep default values.


Step : 4

  • This window will guide you to make your first Activity (Page of Android) as shown in the Fig. Depending on your requirement you can select Activity type, and proceed further. For now just keep it as Empty-Activity.

Developing My First Android Application - 4


Step : 5

  • Next you have to Name your Activity. By typing Activity Name, Layout Name will be formed by its own. Activity Name will be the Java class name where we write business logic and layout file is meant for UI, whose name will be derived from Activity name.

Developing My First Android Application - 5



  • Finally Finish the process. So now you are ready with your first “Hello World” App. Below image shows Project Structure for MyFirstApp in left pane. Right pane shows open file.

Developing My First Android Application - 6


Step : 6

  • Click Run to launch your App and thereby selecting Android Device from “Deployment Target Menu” which will appear as a pop-up.
  • That’s all and you are Done. Congratulations, Jr. Android Developer !!! 



You can revise the above steps from the Embedded Youtube video :


Final Output :

OP MyFirstApp - hello world



Try it Yourself :

Check out the drag-&-drop functionality of Android Studio. Add buttons, editText, TextViews, Radio Buttons, CheckBox, images etc. in res>layout>activity_main.xml file. Apparently see they xml script generated by Android Studio in your activity_main.xml (Layout file) and try understanding it, but don’t worry if you are not able to remember it.

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