Android Open Source Project


After purchasing Android, Google Inc. started developing it under Android Open Source Project. Where employees at Google worked in making a strong backbone of this OS in terms of User-interface, Connectivity, Security, Hardware support for Accelerometer, GPS, Camera, Proximity & several other sensors, Touch Gestures, etc. In other way of saying, they put all their efforts in making this terrific OS.

Since Android is an Open Source Project, anyone who is willing can get the complete Android platform source-code, modify it and build it to suit their needs. You can also contribute to the Android Open Source Project repository to make your changes available to everyone else in the Android ecosystem. All the device manufacturing companies who make Mobile / Tablets do the same. In reality they redistribute Android OS versions after customizing it. So the scenario is Google provides raw source code to these companies, these companies further customize the OS based on demography & cost factor & sell it to end-users like us.


Android Open Source Project


One thing you might have observed is that despite the OS released by Google, we don’t get updates of that OS on the very same day, since hardware manufacturing companies start working from that day & later on after their completion we are able to upgrade to new stable versions.




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