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3. Sniffing HTTPS API Traffic on Nougat 7.0 & newer OS bypassing default OS TLS security

With Android 7.0 i.e. Nougat onward OS introduced a new security feature where O.S. doesn’t trusts user installed certificate anymore. So our conventional way of Adding HTTPS certificate to intercept API would not work. However it is possible to instruct OS to allow custom certificate for a selective application if we declare it within the […]

2. Sniffing HTTP/HTTPS Traffic on AVD (Android emulator)

Sometimes it may happen that you might need to use AVD (Android Virtual Device) / emulator to intercept App Traffic. Earlier virtual device were not having WiFi interface, so you you need to rely upon command line to use it for API Interception (Newer ones you can have WiFi so you can use it directly […]

1. Sniffing HTTP/HTTPS Traffic of Android App on Non-Rooted phone.

While performing Android pen-test, you would also need to check what data Android app is sending to back-end server. You might be interested in not just viewing, but manipulating the ongoing communication between mobile app & server or sometimes IoT device. For this you need to have HTTP Proxy running in your laptop, where you […]

5. Reversing & Recompiling .APK to Bypass Root-detection

Rooting Android phones gives any app access of super user upon granting, it becomes risk for other apps installed within that device in terms of violation in CIA triangle. To minimize this risk many Apps comes with Root Detection mechanism, which won’t allow user to run that app on rooted device. On having a rooted […]

4. Reversing & Repatching .APK to pen-testing on Non-Rooted/Rooted phone to bypass OS Security

As seen in previous post about Reverse engineering Android .apk file into Smali code, this article will explain how to 1) Decompile an .apk file – 2) Modify a part of it – 3) Recompile it again to obtain new unsigned .apk file – 4) Sign it & install on any device. In majority apps […]