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3. Reverse Engineering Android .apk using ApkTool to get .Smali Files

As we saw in previous article, how can we get ClassDex-Java class files via Apktool. In current post we would see how can we get .smali files from the .apk file. Basically Smali files are easy to understand if person has basic knowledge in assembly level language. Smali files have┬ámnemonic / instruction set similar to […]

2. Reverse Engineering Android .apk using ( ApkTool – D2J – JDGui ) Combination

Previously we saw getting back source code from .apk using Jadx via Reverse engineering. Here we would see same thing but using different tool set, using combination of: 1) ApkTool (Download Link)- This can extract Manifest.xml, resources, certificates, assets, layout, classes.dex or smali source code files from any .apk 2) D2J (Dex2Jar – Download Link) […]

1. Reverse Engineering Android .apk using Jadx

Android applications are packed inside .apk files with all resources, assets, class files, certificates, layout files, config Manifest files etc. Compiling any application source code into .apk files would make Java class files into class-Dex files, which are not human readable form. If we rename this .apk to .zip then we can get resources and […]